Created by two visionary and creative businesswomen.
We are a creative brand.  Our designs have the standards of highest quality in clothing and prints, these are created exclusively for the brand.   
Each collection maintains a line of inspiration that gives meaning to each garment.  In such a way that each piece is really unique and creative, telling a story.  
A mixture  of Latin American cultures, Costa Rica and Colombia, full of light.
Magali Cubillos 
Administrative, Commercial and Production Manager
Businesswoman with experience in business administration, innovation of product and inventories. Her knowledge in sales, administration, import and export led her to create the brand Cotilú Activewear®.  Passionate about sports, the discipline of yoga, meditation, and healthy life.  With Cotilú Activewear® she practices the combination of her passions; sports and sales.

Carol Guzowski

Designer, Public Relations, and Marketing.

Communicator, graphic designer, with a focus in marketing studies, public relations and art.  Her knowledge of branding and design have allowed Cotilú Activewear® to be a creative brand with a lineage with out of the box designs.  Passionate about her spiritual growth, meditation and mental training.  With Cotilú Activewear® she has been able to perform in a competitive industry in a progressive way and with excellent results.

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